Hi, I'm Gordon. I'm an advanced Driver with 35 years of global driving experience including 3 star skidpan driver training. I am a grade 5 approved driving instructor (2nd highest).

My aims when teaching learners are:
  • To produce a safe, competent and responsible driver.
  • To give value for money.
  • To never let you down (except in circumstances beyond my control)
  • To provide "driving experience"
  • To make the driving sessions enjoyable and interesting.
  • To incorporate adverse weather conditions where possible (day, night, rain) plus some advanced driving techniques and information. All I ask of you is enthusiasm, committment and reliability.
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Learn with a friend
I also provide learn with a friend driving lessons, where two (or three) learners help, support and learn with each other. (It also generates some fascinating discussions in the car). Discounts available with 2 / 3 learners together.

Call today for more information on 01388 349975 or text 07944 888 667. Alternatively, please contact us via our website's enquiry form.